The Rostov district (Yaroslavsky Oblast) (Wikipedia), which covers 2000 sq. kilometers, has about 50 village churches which are completely dilapidated, some of them are in places where the villages have completely disappeared.

The Orthodox Rostov Foundation was set up in 2013 by Father Roman Krupnov, the Dean of the extraordinary Rostov Cathedral, which is a UNESCO site, to raise money to restore these churches and to seed agricultural communities around them.

The full list of churches needing restoration is on the Foundation’s website (Russian only). Their site is one of the most detailed and extensive catalogs of the condition of Russian village churches needing repair available anywhere.

Of 50 churches, 2 have been restored so far.  A part of our mission is to restore more of these ancient churches.

Here is an English translation of 3 of the churches from the above list, which are in priority need of renovation, either because work has already started, or the local communities would particularly benefit.