According to legends, many famous Russian people are connected to the history of the village.

Here the son of Vladimir Monomakh set up a palace and a wooden church in the name of the Epiphany of the Lord. The Ugodichi were the patrimony of Ivan the Terrible’s mother – Elena Glinskaya. Dmitry Pozharsky used to stop by at the next owner of the village – boyar Tomila Lugovsky. The owners Musiny-Pushkiny had Peter I as a guest. Catherine II gave the village to her maid of honor Carr.

The church was built in 1620-1627 years by the Moscow master Vtorishka Vasilyev at the expense of Tomila Lugovsky.

In the XVII-XIX centuries three chapels, a refectory, and a bell tower were added to the church.

There are five thrones:

  1. In the name of the Epiphany of the Lord;
  2. In the name of the Prophet, Forerunner, and Baptist of the Lord John;
  3. In the name of the martyrs Kirik and Julita;
  4. In the name of the saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom;
  5. In the name of the glorious and all-pervading first-rate apostles Peter and Paul.

These icons were particularly revered: The Savior Not Made by Hands (contribution of Ivan the Terrible); The Molchan Icon of the Mother of God; and The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God (a gift from Peter I from the field church to Count I. A. Musin-Pushkin).

Ivan the Terrible gave the church a three-pound bell. There was a parochial school at the church. According to the memories of local residents, in the late 20’s-early 30’s of the XX century, the church was closed, the icons were taken from the church to the center of the village and laid down for a bonfire. It was forbidden to approach the icons under the treat of death. However, in the evening, when it became dark, the women sent their young children there. Thus, they managed to save a few icons. At present, only the bell tower has remained from the church.

These are costs to restore Church of Epiphany in Ugodichi.

Exchange Rate RUB $
₽57 $1
Church restoration project ₽4,030,000 $70,702
Restore dome + spire with a cross ₽2,180,000 $38,246
Reconstruction of the church (5 thrones) ₽1,850,000 $32,456
Total restoration requirements ₽4,030,000 $70,702