In medieval times, Rostov’s famous green peas were shipped throughout Europe.

Russian Harvest helps families practice sustainable farming in our communities. We provide interest-free loans to small family farms, making it possible for them to acquire the tractors, tools, and other equipment necessary to get their farms running successfully. We also assist with the construction of wells, barns, and other structures that are needed on a small family farm.

Russia is the world’s top exporter of wheat, and has become the world’s largest GMO-free territory. Their goal is to become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods.

Russia is a friendly place for small farmers, and numerous Russian family farms have already proven to be successful. The area around Rostov the Great has proven to be a place where agriculture and farms are able to flourish.

Rostov the Great is known as a birthplace of Russian agriculture, with a history of vast cultivated fields and vegetable gardens. Since ancient times, the fertile, productive soil around Lake Nero has fed not only Rostov citizens and people in other regions of Russia, but also those who live far beyond Russian borders. One example is the famous Rostov green peas, which were canned and delivered to France in the medieval period. Unfortunately, during soviet times, these practices were all but lost, and Rostov ceased to be a center for farming.

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To help revive the former glory of the Rostov farming, the Rostov Orthodox Foundation has been established. The task of the Foundation is to create and develop healthy, sustainable agricultural communities in ancient villages near Rostov.

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