If a family is immigrating from America, expecting to keep their life exactly the same as it was in America, it is not going to happen. For a family to move, they have to be creative, and they need to be open to change.

Imagine living in America if you spoke Russian, but hardly any English. There would be a limited job market for you. That is the same situation you will have if you move to Russia, without being fluent in Russian.

Thus, if you are interested in eventually moving to Russia, then start studying the Russian language now. Don’t put it off. Study diligently, and it will take a few years to become fluent. It is possible. It is doable. But it is a challenge, and to succeed, you will need to stick with it.

Good news: In large Russian cities, there is a great demand for native English speakers, to teach the English language. You don’t have to have a degree, or any teaching experience. There are language schools looking for you, and they are willing to pay you. It’s not easy, and you won’t get rich, but it’s a start. It gets your foot in the door until you become fluent in Russian, at which point your job opportunities will expand.

Some people pursue jobs with American companies which also have offices in Russia. Then after getting established in the job, ask your employer to help you get a job in the foreign office.

If you can find a way to earn money by doing work online, via the internet, that is another possibility.

Another option: Forget about the recent American tradition of “getting a job”. Do like millions of people have done throughout history, and do some family farming. Raise your own food, and don’t rely on an employer for a paycheck. Read books, ask friends, and practice gardening and farming every chance you get, to start learning how to do this. To greatly increase your chances of success, when you move to Russia, make sure you live close to another family who is successful at farming. Befriend them, and learn everything you can from them.

If you are looking for a comfortable life, stay in America.

If you are willing to work hard, and to overcome many challenges, because you want your children and grandchildren to be free from the widespread ills that are infecting western society, then move to Russia.